GPS Vehicle Tracking System – Overview

A GPS vehicle tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning Satellites(GPS) to determine the pinpoint location of a vehicle. This device fits into the vehicle and captures location information from satellite at regular intervals and store it to a central server. The other vehicle information can include fuel amount, altitude, reverse geocoding, cut off fuel, turn off the ignition, turn on the headlight, turn on taillight, battery status, GSM area code/cell code decoded, number of GPS satellites in view, glass open/close, fuel amount, emergency button status, cumulative idling, computed odometer, GPRS status and a lot more.

Other scenarios in which this technology is employed include:

  •  Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  •  Fleet Management
  •  Asset Tracking
  •  Trailer Tracking
  •  Transit Tracking


Brief Description of GPS Vehicle Tracker

  1. Real-time Monitoring System – You will be able to track your vehicle real-time basis upon installing this Tracking device in your vehicle.
  2. PinPoint Location Identification – Get the exact location of your vehicle on Map. Maximum error of location within 2.5 Mtrs.
  3. Swift off engine remotely – Engine Shutdown – In case of theft, hijack or other security reasons, users can remotely immobilize the engine either from an authorized cell phone or by web-based tracking software.
  4. Avoid Vehicle Theft – Pin Point your stolen vehicle, immobilize the engine by sending SMS from your authorized cell phone.
  5. Inbuilt Fuel Sensor – It measures existing fuel in tank continuously. So you will get all information regarding fuel theft and fuel refill with date, time and location.
  6. Inbuilt Odometer – It measures the total distance travelled by the vehicle and this reading is cumulative.
  7. Local Memory – In absence of a network, the Tracker is capable to store data in its local memory for up to 15 hrs. depending on the vehicle movement status.
  8. Internal Battery Backup – 3.6V internal battery for backup up to 6 Hrs. in absence of Vehicle Main 12/24V battery.
  9. Battery Voltage Measurement – Continuous voltage measurement of Internal and Vehicle main battery. The tracker sends alert SMS and shut down when the voltage drops below a certain level.
  10. Panic Switch (SOS) – This is an emergency switch. An SMS will be delivered to the owner/user mobile number upon pressing it in case of emergency.
  11. 3 Analog/Digital Inputs – You may use these inputs to sense the status of Doors, A/C, Temperature etc.
  12. 2 Digital Outputs – These are open collector outputs with 500mA sink current. So outputs are capable to handle 5/12V relay directly. You may use these outputs to On/Off Air Conditioner, Centrally lock the vehicle etc.
  13. Geofencing – User may draw a boundary at his desired location and able to get alert through SMS upon entering or exiting from this boundary.
  14. Configurable via SMS – User can change the location data update rate, user mobile no., digital outputs etc. by sending the corresponding SMS.
  15. Over Speed Alert – User may set speed limit(ex.: 80Km/hr.) from his web site control panel against each vehicle separately. An SMS alert will be generated if the vehicle runs over this speed limit(ie. 80Km/hr).
  16. Tampering Alert – A SMS alert will be generated if the main power cable is removed.
  17. Ignition On/Off alert through SMS – User may get an SMS alert each time whenever the ignition is turned On/Off.
  18. AC On/Off alert through SMS – If this feature is enabled, an SMS alert will be generated each time upon turning the Air Conditioner On/Off.
  19. Status Request – Know the status of the vehicle like Speed, Latitude, Longitude, Network Location etc. by sending the corresponding SMS to the tracker.
  20. 24×7 Visibility – User can monitor vehicles using PC, laptop or mobile phone.
  21. Notification Management – User can choose his preferred condition like vehicle speed, vehicle route or boundary through geofencing, Ignition & A/C On/Off for notification via SMS alerts.
  22. No software installation required.
  23. Maintenance Free – Robust improved hardware.
  24. Ease of Use – Completely Web-Based Application. User-friendly web interface. Web-Based report generation for date-wise total distance travelled, idle time, no. of over-speed occurrence etc.
  25. Savings – On fuel, driver time and insurance costs.
  26. History Replay – User can view past three months movement of their vehicle for any date and time.