Internet Of Things (IoT)

Customized Internet Of Things (IoT) device and application design and development

Over the past few years, IoT has become a popular and most important technology. With this technology, we can connect with every objects, monitor or control it remotely in our daily life. IoT has made things possible which were impossible to achieve before. The technology is surely unleashing new innovations in various verticals like Smart Cities, Smart Home, Smart Factory etc. It helps enterprises to enhance productivity, and improve the efficiency of operations, streamline their processes, across multiple industries.
With the experience of above 10 years on IoT, Nelso gives the customized solution to its customer as per their requirements. We design, develop and manufacture analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing and embedded microprocessor integrated circuits.

Example of applications using IoT

    IoT Solar Power Monitoring System
    IoT Solar Pump Monitoring System
    IoT based Three-Phase Power Failure Monitoring with SMS Alerts
    IoT Smart Home Automation
    IoT Industry Automation
    IoT Streetlight Controller System
    IoT Office Automation
    IoT Liquid Level Monitoring System
    IoT Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System
    IoT Based Energy Meter Monitoring
    IoT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System
    IoT based Anti-theft Flooring System using Raspberry Pi
    IoT based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System Project
internet of things

Our IoT Development Services

IoT Software Architecture

We design, develop and integrate customized embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, sensors) into a host of IoT and M2M devices as per customer requirements.

IoT Firmware Integration

We combine different types of sensors in the system for detecting motion, pressure, temperature and humidity of objects.

Sensor Integration

We develop and integrate different application specific sensors as per customer requirements with IoT and M2M devices. We capture data for live reporting and save it to database for future.

IoT Database Solutions

We integrate cloud-enabled database systems that are fault-tolerant and intelligently distributed for optimal scalability. We also work with managed IoT databases.

Edge Computing

Edge computing allows data from the internet of things devices to be analyzed at the edge of the network before being sent to a data centre or cloud.

Custom IoT Platform Development

We also provide custom development services for IoT platforms, which include web services and API integration.

Data Processor

Data Processor





Data Analytics

Data Analytics

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