Wireless Automatic Water Pump Controller

Nelso is manufacturer of wireless automatic pump controller(Wi-Pump) for home and industry. It will monitor water level of tank and reservoir and control the pump automatically as required. This auto-switching feature saves manpower. Hence no need to operate manually. Our system switches the pump when the level of water in the tank goes below LOW level and OFF when the water exceeds the HIGH level. Thus no wastage of water and can save electricity bill and water charges. It has two units, one master and one slave unit. Slave unit monitors the level of water inside the tank and inform the master unit wirelessly and the master unit monitors water level of reservoir and control the pump as required.

Where to buy

Application Area



Multi-storied apartments



Hotels and restaurants

Commercial centers All places with water tank

Technical Specification

Wireless Frequency 867 MHz.
Supply Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
Internal Voltage 12V DC
Output 2 potential free relay contact
Contact rating 23 Amp. for Pump On relay and 7 Amp. Pump Off relay
Power Consumption 1.2 Watt
Monthly Consumption 1 Unit
Temperature -20 to + 70 degree Celsius
Dimension 123mm * 123mm * 50mm.
Weight 600 gm.

Brief Description of Water Pump Controller

Switches ON the pump when the water in the overhead tank goes below the pre-decided minimum level.

Switches OFF the pump when the water level in the overhead tank reaches the maximum level therefore prevents overflow.

Shall again switch ON the pump when there is sufficient water in the underground tank.

Therefore no need to switch ON or switch OFF the pump manually.

No more Overflow or Dry run thus saving water electricity & manpower.