AC-DC Power Supply | SMPS

What is a AC-DC Power Supply (SMPS)?

An AC-DC power supply's primary function is to convert alternating current (AC) into a stable direct current (DC) voltage so that various electrical devices can be powered by it. Sometimes it is referred to as switch mode power supplies, (SMPS). The whole electric system, from generators to final customers, transports electricity via alternating current. SMPS, which converts a mains voltage AC input to a low voltage DC output, has emerged as the workhorse of effective power conversion. Firstly the AC voltage is converted to high-voltage DC using a rectifier. Then a chopper “chops up” the dc voltage so that a voltage is made up of several square-wave high-frequency pulses (20 kHz–10 MHz) using a PWM controller and fed at the transformer primary winding's input. SMPS uses a high-frequency transformer as an isolator between the switching element and output if the output needed is to be isolated from the input. This raises or lowers the output voltage level as required on its secondary winding.  Today, our electronic devices require an AC-DC power supply. They come in a variety of types, including internal converters used in all gadgets from DVD players to medical devices, as well as external adapters that plug into laptop computers.

AC-DC Poer Supply Manufacturer & Supplier

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