Our Standard Warranty/AMC Terms & Conditions

The product is covered under a one-year standard warranty/AMC from the date of Invoice to the End User. Only issues with product functionality or manufacturing flaws are covered by the Warranty/AMC. Subject to Nelso Technology Pvt. Ltd.'s (Nelso®) approval, the customer invoice would be used to validate the Warranty/AMC period. If "On-Site" is not specified in the invoice or warranty card, the product's Warranty/AMC type is "Off-Site" which requires the client to ship the item to the "Nelso" office or get in touch through Call/WhatsApp on +91-9088-999-888/+91-6293-666-222 between 10 a.m to 7 p.m (mon-sat) or email at info@nelsotech.com. If necessary to solve the issue, Nelso® will repair or replace any damaged parts during the Warranty/AMC period. For any service carried out under Nelso® limited Warranty/AMC, Nelso® maintains the right to employ re-engineered components with performance specifications comparable to those of new parts, if necessary. The replaced component now belongs to Nelso®. When a part needs to be fixed or replaced during the warranty or AMC term, the warranty or AMC will only last as long as the original warranty or AMC still has time left on it. If a "On-Site" Warranty/AMC is required, our specialist will respond within 72 hours. If the product is in good working order during the Warranty/AMC period, no planned visit or maintenance will be given.

The Warranty/Guaranty of the product will be rendered null and void if:
The product is physically damaged. The product is modified, repaired, maintained, disassembled and/or by a party not authorized by Nelso®. The product is operated and/or maintained in ways other than recommended by Nelso® in the user manual in writing. The model no or serial no sticker of the product is removed, mutilated or tampered with any damage arising out of unauthorized modification or alteration, repair or use of any consumables or accessories other than those supplied by Nelso®. Any malfunction resulting from exposure to dirt, sand, water, dropping, fire and /or shock. Any malfunction resulting from inadequate safekeeping, storage at high temperatures or humidity, storage with mothballs or leakage of batteries and from the connected appliances with the product.

Warranty/Guaranty Limitation:
The product's Warranty/AMC is restricted to manufacturing defects only. Other accessories like sensors, wires, antennas, connectors, etc., as well as consumables like batteries, are not covered by the product's Warranty/AMC. If a product's malfunction results from physical damage, burns, faulty connections, or electrical issues brought on by any external appliances connected to the product, the warranty/AMC does not cover functionality or any duty to repair or replace a defective product. Any other job like shifting the installed product from one place to another, disconnecting and reconnecting the product due to fault of connected appliances etc. are not covered by warranty or AMC. Any damage or malfunctions that occur to any connected external appliances with product are not the responsibility of Nelso®.