Our Warranty/Guaranty Terms & Conditions

Product is covered under one year standard Warranty/Guaranty from date of purchase by End User. Warranty/Guaranty period confirmation would be done through Customer Invoice, subject to satisfaction of Nelso® Technology / Authorized Service Centre/Distributor. Warranty/Guaranty Type of the product as is Carry- In means return to bench. The customer needs to carry the product to the nearest Nelso® Collection Centers or contact Nelso® Call Centre at 09874228400. Within Warranty/Guaranty period Nelso® Technology Authorized Service Canters will repair or replace any defective part if required to rectify the problem. Nelso® Technology reserves the right to use re-engineered part with performance parameter equivalent to those of new parts for any service performed under Nelso® Technology limited Warranty/Guaranty, if required. The replaced part becomes the property of Nelso® Technology. In the event of repairs or replacement of any part, during the said Warranty/Guaranty period, the Warranty/Guaranty shall thereafter continue only for the unexpired period of the original Warranty/Guaranty.

The Warranty/Guaranty of the product will be rendered null and void if:
The product is physically damaged. The product is modified, repaired, maintained, disassembled and/or by a party not authorized by Nelso® Technology The product is operated and/or maintained in ways other than recommended by Nelso® Technology in the user manual in writing. The model no or serial no sticker of the product is removed, mutilated or tampered with Any damage arising out of unauthorized modification or alteration, repair or use of any Consumables or accessories other than those supplied by Nelso® Technology / Nelso® Technology authorised Channel. Any malfunction resulting from exposure to dirt, sand, water, dropping, fire and /or shock. Any malfunction resulting from inadequate safekeeping, storage at high temperatures or humidity, storage with mothballs or leakage of batteries.

Warranty/Guaranty Limitation:
The Warranty/Guaranty of the product is limited to only manufacturing defect. The Warranty/Guaranty of the product does not cover other accessories like Wire, GSM Antenna, Connector etc or consumables like batteries. Nelso® Technology's Warranty/Guaranty does not cover a Warranty/Guaranty of functionality or any obligation to repair or replace a defective product, if that defect is a result of physical breakage, burnt, connections or electrical faults external to the product.