230V-48V/4A Power Supply(SMPS)

Nelso is the Indian manufacturer of high precision, high-reliability AC-DC Power Supply. DLS-23048AC-LW series is designed to provide 230V AC to 48V DC power supply with output current up to 4A/192W as per customer requirement for heavy-duty applications.

Input-output isolation
High efficiency
High precision
Wide input voltage range
Reverse polarity protection
Voltage transient protection
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
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Application Area



Distributed power




Technical Specification

Model Number: DLS-23048AC-LW
Input Voltage 230V DC
Input Voltage Range 85V-270V AC
Output Voltage 48V DC
Output Current 1A-4A
Output Power 48W-192W
Topology Transformer isolated flyback converter
Efficiency >80% Typical
Ripple <150mV
Enclosure Enclosed
Line Regulation ± 0.5%
Load Regulation ± 1% at terminal block
Frequency 80 KHz
Cooling Natural air cooling
Operating Temperature -20 to +80 ℃
Storage Temperature -55 to +105 ℃
Weight 550gm
Dimension(LxWxH) 146 x 84 x 57 mm