110V to 24V 15A 360W DC-DC Converter

A DC-DC converter converts one DC voltage to another. The running voltage of various digital gadgets which include ICs can be different from one to another. So it is important to offer the correct voltage for every device. A Buck Converter outputs a lower voltage than the input voltage and the output voltage of a Boost Converter is higher than its input voltage. Nelso is the manufacturer of DC to DC Converter in Kolkata, India. DLS-11024DC series buck converter is designed to provide 110V DC

Input-output isolation
High efficiency
High precision
Wide input voltage range
Reverse polarity protection
Voltage transient protection
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
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Application Area



Distributed power




Technical Specification

Model Number: DLS-11024DC
Input Voltage 110V DC
Input Voltage Range 100V-130V DC
Output Voltage 24V DC
Output Current 4A-15A
Output Power 96W-360W
Topology Transformer isolated forward converter
Efficiency >80% Typical
Ripple <150mV
Enclosure Enclosed
Reverse Polarity 200V DC
Line Regulation ± 1%
Load Regulation ± 5% at terminal block
Frequency 80 KHz
Cooling Natural air cooling
Operating Temperature -40 to +80 ℃
Storage Temperature -55 to +105 ℃
Weight 1200gm
Dimension(LxWxH) 193 x 142 x 70 mm