(DP-07) Automatic Pump Controller up to 1.5HP Motor for Simple Switch/MCB with Tank Sensor

DP-07 is a Digital Fully Automatic Pump Controller or water level controller which comes with a water level sensor of the overhead tank only. It has one 20A potential-free relay contact so you can control a pump motor up to 1.5HP directly or higher capacity motor with the help of a contactor. If you are using borewell water and do not have an underground reservoir then this product is suitable for you. It continuously monitors the liquid level of the overhead tank. The Automatic pump controller controls the pump and turns it ON and OFF with respect to the level in the overhead water tank. This auto-switching feature saves manpower. Hence no need to operate the pump manually on daily basis. Our system switches the pump ON when the level of water in the tank goes below LOW level and OFF when the water touches the HIGH level. Thus no wastage of water, stop tank overflow, save water, electricity bill, time and water charges.

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    Application Area



    Multi-storied apartments



    Hotels and restaurants

    Commercial centers all places with water tank

    Technical Specification

    Model Number: DP-07
    Supply Voltage 230 V AC, 50Hz.
    Overhead Tank Water Level Sensor Yes
    Underground Reservoir Water Level Sensor No
    Dry Run Protection No
    Internal Voltage 12V DC
    Compatible with Single phase motor up to 1.5HP
    Panel Type MCB or Piano Switch
    Output 1 potential free relay contact
    Contact rating 20A Relay
    Power Consumption 1.2 Watt
    Monthly Consumption 1 Unit
    Temperature -20 to +70 degree Celsius
    Dimension 136mm x 110mm x 40mm
    Weight 300 gm.

    Brief Description of Water Pump Controller

    This controller is suitable for Single Phase motor up to 1.5HP.

    Switches ON the pump when the water in the overhead tank goes below the pre-decided minimum level.

    Switches OFF the pump when the water level in the overhead tank reaches the maximum level therefore prevents overflow.

    Shall again switch ON the pump when the overhead tank is empty.

    Therefore no need to switch ON or switch OFF the pump manually.

    No more Overflow thus saving water electricity & manpower.

    Pump Controller Demo

    (Hindi) Installation of DG-Pump Controller for MCB/Piano type switch 1 or 3 Phase

    (English) Installation of DG-Pump Controller for MCB/Piano type switch 1 or 3 Phase


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